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PowerHD team drivers had a great season with ETS 2018/2019 [2019-07-30 11:45:37]

The finale of 2018/19 ETS took place in Hudy Arena, Slovakia on July 25-28,2019. Check out Power HD drivers ETS season result!

In Modified class:

Christopher Krapp made the 4th in Rd 6, ended with 6th overall season;

Marc Rheinard and Yannic Prümper missed this last round, but their standings still in top 10, while Marc scored the 4th and Yannic got 7th.


In Pr-Stock class:

Olivier Bultynck won the 3th in Rd6, ending 4th overall season

Kevin Nielsen finished 8th in Rd6, with 9th overall season


In Formula calss:

Olivier Bultynck made the 7th in Rd6 and got 6th overall season


Power HD low profile brushless servo B7-Revolution and STORM-7 were used in this Huday Arena. 

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